Broken Social Scene Members

Broken Social Scene is a Canadian Indie superband consisting of upwards of 10 members on stage at any time. To show that the band isn't just quantity, I created this infographic to show all of the other bands of which the members are a part. This included many household names like Leslie Feist as well as Indie favorites like Emily Haines of Metric, the members of Stars, The Weakerthans, Do Make Say Think, and more!

Update! On April 8, 2013, Arts & Crafts posted this infographic to their Field Trip Music & Arts festival Facebook page as well as their Tumblr, both of which have seen great engagement. Thanks a lot, guys!

BSS Members

Broken Social Scene Members Infographic

I created this infographic charting all of the members of Broken Social Scene. The inspiration came from the band's Wikipedia article that listed out all of the other bands with whom the members were involved. I titled this piece "The Broken Social Scene Universe" because the resulting graphic reminded me of orbiting planets.

BSS Members Zoom

Broken Social Scene Members (details)

Above are details of each the information presented in the graphic.