Deconstructing Gun Violence in America

This infographic was inspired by Fareed Zakaria's Washington Post opinion piece titled "The solution to gun violence is clear", which explored three commonly cited explanations for the high rate of firearm homicides in America. I have also written two blog posts related to the Newtown tragedy here: "F you CNN", or the tragic story of Ryan Lanza as another victim of the Newtown shooting and Why the Newtown Shooting is an Amazing Case Study for Media & Mass Comm.

See the full size "Deconstructing Gun Violence" infographic here.

Gun Violence Causes Infographic

Gun Violence Statistics (details)

This infographic examines the anomalous relationships between violence in the United States, and mental health, culture and access to firearms.

Gun icons

Gun & Firearm Iconography

For the purpose of this infographic, several vector icons were created. From left to right: a shooting range target, two medicine pill bottles, two 9mm bullets, and a Rambo-esque character with an AK-47 rifle.