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Day 1 Tons of initials for Day 2. I forgot to mention that Day 1 ended with a social event with tons of BU alumni meeting with us (as well as with the BU COM PR trip people). I met a lot of interesting people who were all very helpful and imparted much wisdom about […]

Our Boston University School of Communications Spring Break Advertising Trip began at the offices of Publicis USA. Then we had lunch, and then headed downtown to Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners. Publicis Clients You’d Know: Citi, Oral B, BMW, Maytag, Charmin First impressions: We were in a Penthouse-type meeting room with a nice view. They provided […]

I do some freelance graphic design on the side. It doesn’t pay the bills and is inconsistent, but it keeps me busy and with pocket money. So seeing stuff like this breaks my heart a little bit: Twitter Paid Designer $6 For Its Icon Thanks to James for the link.

March 16th, 2009

Instant Gratification

This isn’t necessarily exclusively related to Advertising, but society in general. The question I pose: What came first? Technology or this need for instant gratification? I was thinking about this topic on my bus ride back to Boston from NYC while doing business-like things on my new phone, which happens to be very Smart. My […]

March 4th, 2009 LIVES!!!

Well, it’s happened. I finally completed my portfolio website. And by ‘completed’ I mean it’s a work in progress, but it’s finally online (and not just on flickr). The URL of course is, and if you’re reaching this blog via a link from that site, then welcome! And if you’re here for some other […]

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