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That Sprint commercial really redefined cyber-bullying. And in a really dumb way. #SuperBowl #SB52 #SBAds #BrandBowl #BrandBowl52 — Kenny Chung (@kennySHARKchung) February 4, 2018 I could've sworn I just saw Alpha 5 in that Star Wars Solo commercial #SuperBowl #SB52 #SBAds #BrandBowl #BrandBowl52 — Kenny Chung (@kennySHARKchung) February 4, 2018 The resemblance is uncanny. #StarWars […]

For the Advertising/Marketing Class of 2013, I present you everything I’ve learned about this industry. 1) Get out now. Don’t go into advertising or marketing. People will hate you. Your parents will think you’re doing the devil’s work. You’ll never be able to adequately describe what you do when you meet strangers outside the industry […]

Day 1 Day 2 A random note to start off this recap: At some point I noticed that I was hoarding all the bottles of water that the agencies gave us. And what struck me as extremely apt was the fact that Publicis, CDM and BBDO each gave us different brands of bottled water. Here’s […]

Day 1 Tons of initials for Day 2. I forgot to mention that Day 1 ended with a social event with tons of BU alumni meeting with us (as well as with the BU COM PR trip people). I met a lot of interesting people who were all very helpful and imparted much wisdom about […]

Our Boston University School of Communications Spring Break Advertising Trip began at the offices of Publicis USA. Then we had lunch, and then headed downtown to Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners. Publicis Clients You’d Know: Citi, Oral B, BMW, Maytag, Charmin First impressions: We were in a Penthouse-type meeting room with a nice view. They provided […]

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