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The sandwich chain Subway may be solely responsible for the NBC Show ‘Chuck’ staying on the air, speculates this article. Subway has basically become the official sponsor of the show. Entering into a deal with Subway may deter the cancellation of the spy comedy despite less-than-stellar ratings. And the payoff? Prominently displaying Subway sandwiches within […]

May 18th, 2009

Well, I just graduated.

Anybody wanna offer me a job?

It was bound to happen. I have joined the TwitterSphere:

As soon as I heard about Puma City coming to Boston’s Fan Pier, I knew I had to go. More than a standard pop-up store, it’s an experience. Live DJs on selected nights, dedicated Puma stores, bars, rooftop views- this place has it all. Why I think it’s awesome: Brand awareness. Puma sure isn’t the […]

May 6th, 2009

Sponsors of Tomorrow

Link: A Tech Company’s Campaign to Burnish Its Brand The NYT article above is about the new ad campaign for Intel created by Venables Bell. It’s only a rebranding campaign in the loosest sense. Intel hasn’t changed their target demographic or what they do. In fact, they probably will never have to (barring some huge […]

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