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May 11th, 2009
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As soon as I heard about Puma City coming to Boston’s Fan Pier, I knew I had to go. More than a standard pop-up store, it’s an experience. Live DJs on selected nights, dedicated Puma stores, bars, rooftop views- this place has it all.

Why I think it’s awesome: Brand awareness. Puma sure isn’t the biggest dog in the fight, but hell if this doesn’t bring them closer to the forefront. How many times does a person get to see something like this in person? People will have an amazing experience there and associate those good feelings with the Puma brand. And a few sales here and there sure don’t hurt! A wise investment by Puma.

They take it down and bring it all over the world. Be sure to catch it before it leaves Boston on May 16th.

Here are my (less-than-stellar) pics:
Puma City in Boston

Puma City in Boston

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