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That Sprint commercial really redefined cyber-bullying. And in a really dumb way. #SuperBowl #SB52 #SBAds #BrandBowl #BrandBowl52 — Kenny Chung (@kennySHARKchung) February 4, 2018 I could've sworn I just saw Alpha 5 in that Star Wars Solo commercial #SuperBowl #SB52 #SBAds #BrandBowl #BrandBowl52 — Kenny Chung (@kennySHARKchung) February 4, 2018 The resemblance is uncanny. #StarWars […]

Here’s a recap of my thoughts on the commercials that aired during Super Bowl 48. Overall, I thought it was a pretty lackluster year. I went out of my way to not watch any of them beforehand (except some for work). Thoughts below: Most of the car commercials were weird for the sake of being […]

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