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Link: China v Google Not About Free Speech

The above article is written by Mark Pilatowski, who works in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Speaking as someone quite familiar with the industry, I can tell you that us SEOptimizers have a unique view of Google. Our perspective of its business practices and user-oriented changes are a lot different than the average person’s.

That said, I do believe that he has some good points regarding Google as a business. What a lot of people don’t consciously realize on a day-to-day basis is that Google is out there to make money. I also manage some Paid Search (SEM) campaigns, so I actually see the kind of money that goes to Google.

I’m not quite sure where I stand on the whole Google/China issue. On the one hand, censorship is wrong. But it can also be argued that Google having any web presence in China is for the greater good, in terms of spreading knowledge and intelligence (even if it is pre-filtered).

But then again, Google does seem to be dabbling on the Dark Side lately…

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