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February 6th, 2011
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These are some of the most disappointing commercials I’ve ever seen. The car ads (especially Ford) are missing the mark left & right. #SBAds
7:21 PM Feb 6th
I really wish that Motorola Xoom commercial was better. Any ad that takes subtle stabs at Apple and their cult-ure is worth creating. #SBAds
7:30 PM Feb 6th
Did Ford seriously pay for TWO of those Derek Jeter/Empire State of Mind “New York” spots? Someone really needs to be fired for that. #SBAds
8:06 PM Feb 6th
This Black Eyed Peas Super Bowl halftime show is like one gigantic commercial for autotune. But wait, isn’t 2008 actually 2000 and late now?
8:13 PM Feb 6th
Wait, WHAT? Did Slash just make a cameo for the f’n Black Eyed Peas?! What a huge waste of Sweet Child of Mine. For shame, Slash. For shame.
8:16 PM Feb 6th
Was there a buy-two-get-one-free deal on Super Bowl ads? There is no other explanation for why I just watched that Ford/Jeter ad THREE times
8:29 PM Feb 6th
Did that Groupon commercial just make light of the struggle of the Tibetans? Can’t decide if that’s worse than the LivingSocial crossdresser
8:51 PM Feb 6th
Wow, Eminem has been in two commercials. That Chrysler ad was actually pretty good. Maybe a little late but the heart was in the right place
9:04 PM Feb 6th
Nostalgia attack! Who would’ve thought that Uncle Jesse and Michael Richards would be part of a Super Bowl spot? Good job with that one, NFL
9:24 PM Feb 6th
I really hope Johnny Depp has a line in that Rango movie where he says, “We can’t stop here, this is owl country.” #SBAds
9:35 PM Feb 6th
That Chevy commercial was all sorts of win. Honorable mention goes to the Verizon iPhone ad. I guess they really did save the best for last.
9:59 PM Feb 6th
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