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For my Computers in Communication class, we had to choose a “green” client on which to base all of our assignments throughout the entire semester. I chose First Act Guitars for their Bambusa guitar (made from bamboo and no wood at all). As part of the project, we had to create a PDF handout, a video, and then present a PowerPoint presentation to the class.

So last week, I borrowed a camera from BU College of Communication and actually headed down to the First Act Guitar Studio in Boston to film my fictional 30-second web spot promoting the guitar.

Here’s the finished product:

And here’s the handout I created:

First Act Guitars Store

Everyone was really courteous and accommodating. And of course, I couldn’t leave there without a new guitar (not a Bambusa though.) Snagged a First Act CE-140 on sale for $100 plus student discount. It’s a great guitar (not just for the money, but in general), I’ll probably keep it for a long time.

First Act Lola CE-140 Guitar
First Act Lola CE-140

Special thanks to Store Manager Jay Richardson and Guitar Specialist Tim Choate.

And of course, a link to the Bambusa product page.

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