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Link: 5 Corporate Promotions That Ended in (Predictable) Disaster Proof that hindsight really is 20/20.

Source: M.T.A. Sells Naming Rights to Subway Station The MTA has finally been able to sell the naming rights to one of their subway stations. Atlantic Ave/Pacific Street (which is the connecting station for various trains and the LIRR) will be named after Barclays bank. The logic behind this change is that the new Brooklyn […]

As soon as I heard about Puma City coming to Boston’s Fan Pier, I knew I had to go. More than a standard pop-up store, it’s an experience. Live DJs on selected nights, dedicated Puma stores, bars, rooftop views- this place has it all. Why I think it’s awesome: Brand awareness. Puma sure isn’t the […]

May 6th, 2009

Sponsors of Tomorrow

Link: A Tech Company’s Campaign to Burnish Its Brand The NYT article above is about the new ad campaign for Intel created by Venables Bell. It’s only a rebranding campaign in the loosest sense. Intel hasn’t changed their target demographic or what they do. In fact, they probably will never have to (barring some huge […]

February 24th, 2009

Rejoice! ReJuice!

Rejoice, my fellow Graphic Designers! Ever since Tropicana rebranded their packaging, there’s been almost nothing but negativity towards the decision. I remember the first time I saw it at the local Shaw’s (which I can’t bring myself to call Star Market), I thought it was horrendous. It reminded me of those 3-dimensional models of the […]

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